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Bella Poarch

Dolls EP CD

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Dolls serves as Bella’s first full body of work, following a handful of wildly acclaimed singles. In early 2021, she released her debut track “Build a Bitch” – upon its release, the music video for the song hit #1 on the Global and U.S. YouTube video charts, marking the biggest debut ever for a new artist with over 400 million views to date. The video hit 50 million likes on TikTok, becoming the first in history to do so, and has been streamed more than 885 million times to date. Its follow up, “Inferno” with Sub Urban, was met with similar praise and peaked in the top five on YouTube’s video charts.



1. Build a Bitch
2. Dolls
3. Living Hell
4. No Man's Land (feat. Grimes)
5. Villain
6. INFERNO (feat. Sub Urban)